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4x4 MEWP new course

Nov 10, 2010

Contour Training have new training course approved by NPORS for 4x4 off-road driving with vehicle mounted MEWP.

Contour Training have developed and written a specialised course tailored to 4x4 off road driving with vehicle mounted MEWP set-up, which is aimed at any industry sector that uses 4x4 MEWPs. 4x4s with vehicle mounted MEWP are extensively used in the utilities sector to provide operators access to poles and pilons off-road.


It came to our attention that many operators, although trained to IPAF accreditation on use of the MEWP, had received no training on the set-up of the MEWP on rough off-road terrain. We also identified a need for specialised training in 4x4 off-road driving of the vehicles, as the MEWP attachment adds a great deal of weight and significantly shifts the centre of gravity of the vehicle as a whole.


Contour Training's two day course covers both NPORS 4x4 off road driving and the set up of the vehicle mounted MEWP in an off-road environment and has been fully accredited by NPORS, making it the ideal training solution for operators of 4x4 vehicles with vehicle mounted MEWP.

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