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Lantra Update 4x4 Off Road training

Sep 3, 2011

Lantra have reworked and updated their 4x4 Off road training course

Working closely with the Health and Safety Executive they have reworked the 4x4 Off Road driving training course to make the following improvements

  • Content improved and expanded to accommodate all types of 4x4 vehicle
  • more information on HSE legislation and safety guidelines for operating an off road vehicle
  • additional section on traction, including information on differentials, diff-lock, traction control and limited slip differentials applicable to modern vehicles
  • additional information on transmission with labelled diagrams
  • information on vehicle recovery, the type of equipment used and correct procedure to recover a vehicle


Contour Training Ltd welcomes the updates to the Lantra material. Our instructors work hard to keep up with developments in the field and will implement the new Lantra guidelines on all our 4x4 off road training courses

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