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Does your business have enough First Aiders?

Aug 30, 2018

We get a lot of calls asking us for advice on First Aid training.

It can be difficult to work out what level of first aid training your business requires and how many qualified First Aiders you need. The first step is to do a workplace risk assessment, taking into account the nature of the work to be carried out, number of employees and if there are any specific work-related risks.


This HSE Guidance for Employers document is a good place to start, then have a look at our First Aid training course pages and call us for further advice, we'd be happy to help.


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Sep 14, 2018
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This week we've been delivering plant machinery marshalling training
Sep 7, 2018
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Today Ian's up at our off road site north of Glasgow delivering 4x4 off road driver training to a team from  Scottish Power.

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