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Off Road Driving Courses

Contour Training Ltd are specialists in 4x4 off road driver training, delivering Lantra Awards and NPORS nationally accredited off road driving courses.


We have a network of approved 4x4 off road driving sites in Scotland and throughout the UK. Our industry experience includes working with both public and private sector, construction and utility sectors, government organisations, the military and HM Coastguard. Within Contour Training we have some of the most experienced Lantra Awards and NPORS trainers in the UK, many of whom are also highly experienced with all types of all terrain vehicle.

Used correctly, offroad vehicles, or 4x4s, are very versatile with a wide variety of uses for the business and recreational user. But even the most experienced off road drivers can find themselves in hazardous and potentially dangerous situations. Serious accidents can and do occur without proper off road driver training.


Off road driver training is often overlooked because 4x4 vehicles are so commonly driven on roads with a normal driving license. However, off road vehicles handle and behave very differently to a normal car and if they are supplied for use in the workplace there must be adequate 4x4 off road driver training provided under current HSE legislations. Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), anyone who is provided with specialist equipment (4×4 vehicles come under this title) must be trained in their use. Our off road driving courses are accredited by nationally recognised awarding bodies Lantra Awrads and NPORS and are designed specifically to assist employers in complying with their H&S requirements.


Courses Available


The 2 day Professional Off Road Driving course is designed for drivers who need to use their vehicles in off road situations at work. Under PUWER, employers are required to provide their employees with adequate training in any equipment used in the workplace, our HSE approved training courses more than cover this requirement, preparing drivers to use their vehicles in a wide variety of terrain and conditions.


At the end of this course the learner will be able to:

  • comply with legal requirements and safe practice
  • identify risks associated with off road vehicle use
  • select and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • understand the main causes of accidents
  • identify the controls, systems and components of the vehicle
  • perform pre-start checks
  • identify and report faults
  • prepare the vehicle for use off road
  • assess the suitability of the ground/route
  • make structured decisions about if and how to tackle obstacles
  • perform a failed hill climb
  • drive over a variety of terrain
  • perform an on-site risk assessment
  • identify the loading/towing capacities
  • understand legal and practical requirements for travelling on a public road
  • identify the dangers of vehicle recovery/self-recovery
  • demonstrate decision making skills based on considering the attributes of:
    • the obstacle/situation
    • the vehicle
    • the driver.



The 1 day Off Road Driving Course is appropriate for professional users who have previously undertaken off road driver training and need their skills refreshed or updated, for the recreational user or for drivers who are operating 4x4s in less extreme conditions, tackling only basic off road obstacles and avoiding severe conditions.



4x4 Off Road Driving Course Content


Directions to our Glasgow 4x4 Driving Site


Course Details:


1 or 2 days


Assessments per day:

3 maximum


Accrediting bodies:

Lantra Awards, NPORS