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4x4 off road driving with vehicle mounted MEWP

Vehicle mounted work platforms are increasingly used to provide access to work sites that may be impossible to reach by other means. The variety of vehicles that can be fitted with MEWPs is extensive and if they are used for business, employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that any operators have received training in both the operation of the MEWP and of the vehicle itself.


Contour Training have developed a specialised course tailored to 4x4 off road driving with vehicle mounted MEWP set-up, which is aimed at any industry sector that uses 4x4 MEWPs. This two day course covers both 4x4 off road driving and the set up of the vehicle mounted MEWP in an off-road environment and has been fully accredited by NPORS.


Contour Training can also provide IPAF MEWP training for all vehicle mounted MEWP operators.

Course Details:


2 days


Assessments per day:



Accrediting body: