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Cable Avoidance Tools Training

Cable Avoidance Tools (Cat & Genny) Training

Over 600 people are injured every year due to underground cables being damaged during excavation work. Damage to gas, water and electricity cabling during excavation often incur high repair costs and costly downtime.


Cable Avoidance Tools (Cat & Genny) training is necessary for anyone who uses cable avoidance tools before excavating. This one day NPORS accredited course will give operators the knowledge and skill to enable them to accurately and safely use and maintain underground service location equipment- CAT & Genny.


Course covers:

  • Current legislation
  • Correct positioning
  • Pinpointing and tracing in P mode
  • Pinpointing and tracing in R mode
  • Induction using generator
  • Direct connection
  • Correct procedures for inspection and storage

Course Details:


1 day


Assessments per day:

6 maximum


Accrediting bodies: