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Ride-on Mowers

Contour Training deliver ride on mower courses accredited by Lantra Awards. There are a wide range of mowers in use. If used correctly and maintained properly they should pose very little risk to the operator or to people around the machine. But accidents do happen, often for very simple reasons.


The aim of ride-on mower training courses is to provide operators, both new and experienced, with an insight into safety awareness and risk assessment in order to reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring. Operator training is a legal requirement under PUWER regulations.


Course objectives

To enable candidates to:

  • identify the risks associated with the use of ride-on mowers
  • select appropriate PPE
  • identify and understand the function of all instruments and controls
  • carry out daily checks as indicated in the operators manual
  • carry out pre-start checks
  • identify and report any faults
  • adjust the cutting mechanism to acheive the required standard
  • operate the machine in a safe and competent manner
  • perform after-use maintenance
  • understand requirements for travelling on the public road
  • be able to load and transport the machine (if appropriate)


Who is the course for?

Anyone required to use a ride-on mower as part of their work. This would include novices and experienced operators who require certification or their skills updating.


The course is usually run as a Lantra ITA, and those reaching the required standard will receive a Lantra Certificate of Competence. Alternatively the course can be followed by an NPTC assessment.



Course Details:


1-2 days


Assessments per day:

4 max


Accrediting bodies:

Lantra Awards course, NPTC assessment